YGK is a kitchen and bathroom cabinetry full service renovation company based in Boston Massachusetts, with 4 locations in Newton, Framingham, Burlington and Weymouth.

Recent Work

Our philosophy is to custom tailor each kitchen design to the client’s lifestyle. 

Below you can find some of our most recent kitchen renovations. Attention to details and combining esthetic with practicality is a very important aspect to how we shape our projects. Customer service is our main priority. Our goal is for each client to be a 100% satisfied. Bringing European modern design along with the latest technologies from the industry helps us stand out. 

Creating spaces is what we love to do.  

Navy Blue and Grey | Wellesley MA

Light Grey Silky Matt | Sharon MA

Sand Beige and Wood | Bedford MA

Concrete and Orange | Lincoln MA

Let’s Work Together

We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable working with
homeowners, builders, architects and designers. Please get in touch and one
of our team members will contact you to begin the comfortable and seamless
process of the kitchen design.

Best German Cabinets for Your European Kitchen

Cabinet doors that slam or don’t fully close? Pinched fingers, fragile finish, walls that bloat from moisture?

Don’t let the low-quality cabinetry destroy the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Your German Kitchen designs and sells the best European kitchen cabinets in Boston area. We are known for our high-quality cabinetry, finest materials, modern design, and the luxury look.

Looking only to buy some Kitchen cabinetry? Planning a full kitchen or bath renovation? We can offer a wide range of services. We proudly sell Miele appliances, Franke sinks, faucets, and quartz countertops.


If we sell it, we install it.

You wouldn’t buy tires from a shop who couldn’t mount them, so why buy products for your home from a company who can’t install them?

We know that offering just part of the service doesn’t always do the trick. Our offer of expert installation on every single item we sell means we know our products inside out. We promise to install everything to factory standards to ensure that you enjoy using the items you love for many years to come.

We work only with the best suppliers to guarantee that your German-inspired kitchen and bath boasts top-quality utility and look.


Kitchen space is at the center of your home, and it’s at the center of your daily activities. Finding the right cabinets to match the style and space of your focal room can be a hassle.

Whether you want your kitchen done in a traditional, contemporary, transitional, or modern style, you want to get it right. You want your kitchen looking modern, you want it packed with utility, and you want it to feel like home.

German kitchen appliances are known for their high-tech, sleek design. With the properly matched cabinets, sinks, and luxurious countertops your kitchen will come with the best tools and it will impress you and your guests alike.

More importantly, with the help of professional European kitchen designers, it will feel uniquely yours.

Look over our interior style guide to visualize your perfect kitchen. There you will also find some cabinet design ideas to match them. Talk with us if you want to find the perfect look to fit into your home.

For the different styles of kitchen cabinet design, be sure to look at our cabinet styles page. Our experts can make you mix and match the different kitchen cabinet designs to achieve the best look.

You probably want your Kitchen cabinets custom-designed. Let us give you reasons why. The best materials combined with your creative touch will make all the difference.


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