KITCHEN CABINETS Fit and Enhance the Look

Do you have a taste for nostalgic things, or do you lean more towards the contemporary kitchen design elements? Our guide below should help you discover a few designs you might like.

Some of these designs bring a nostalgic feel to your home, while others are all about luxury and opulence. Look at the options below. You should aim to find a cabinet style that will not only fit, but enhance your home (check out our design ideas).

If you are interested in the styles that are currently trending, check the Transitional, European, and Contemporary sections in particular.



European style usually features a wonderful blending of the black color and natural wood. This is a kitchen design that is meant to maximize storage while maintaining the flow of the room.


  • If you lean towards a natural look, a European kitchen design may be the right fit for you.
  • Like most European designs, the look is made minimal with clean lines. It goes well with the open-concept kitchens as it incorporates functional appliances.
  • Minimalism in a kitchen is a form of art. It’s a culmination of smart design solutions. Pocket doors, for example, are a way to conceal and add an element of flexibility to the kitchen.
  • Thin countertops add a feeling of lightness and openness.
  • End solutions with open shelving allow you to display personal items unique to your family, or just the everyday items for a convenient ease of access.


Contemporary kitchens don’t have a particular singular style, but they share features in common that are considered modern, even futuristic.

custom kitchen cabinets

  • Sleek with color: Contemporary kitchens are bright and open. Most have center islands with wonderful overhead fixtures that pull your line of sight to the center of the room.
  • A contemporary kitchen is one of the few styles where you can incorporate different materials that include rustic touches, such as a brick backsplash or a metal inlay.



transitional kitchen design

You can never go wrong with the traditional style kitchens. While they might not be as “hip and sleek” as the more modern kitchen designs, there is a familiar warmth created by this style that will make your kitchen feel cozy and inviting.

  • Coffered ceilings are in, and they are glorious. Not only do they add a touch of whimsy, but they can also make a small space feel much more open.
  • Traditional kitchen style colors are inspired by the country look. Sage greens and slate blues can pleasantly offset a white center island.
  • Traditional kitchens boast a lovely glass-front cabinetry that speak to that “long-ago” look of many farmhouses.



Crisp lines of the modern kitchen design allow natural elements from the outside to come in. This happens when you plan for an open concept that optimizes your windows and draws your eye to the space outside. The resulting rooms feel very organic.

  • Bright light matter the most with this style. Natural lighting is usually the best. Modern kitchen design can create an exquisitely white kitchen space.
  • Adding personal accents of color will allow the space to feel comfortable as well as uniquely yours.
  • Modern kitchen cabinet design doesn’t have to bring cold into your space. With the right balance of materials and finishes you can create a luxurious space that feels warm.

You can mix and match the most appealing elements of these unique styles to create a look that is entirely unique to you. As the best kitchen and cabinetry designers in Newton, MA, we can help you find a balanced style that will fit into your space perfectly.

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