Floating Cabinets

If space optimization is what you are looking for, there is no better way then floating cabinets. These are especially fantastic in shared spaces like bathrooms. Floating cabinets come in many styles and can be a unique focal point in your bathroom. There area number of reasons you want a professional to handle this job.

Floating cabinets need to be properly supported by the support in the wall known as the studs. A professional renovation team or cabinetry specialist can help you with this. A floating bathroom cabinet needs to be level. Not only to properly showcase the floating cabinet but to make sure what you place on the cabinet stays there.


  • Floating cabinets create extra storage space
  • Can add a focal point to a small space.
  • Great for any height and make cleaning easier

If you are going to be using a floating sectional bathroom cabinet keep them all level to maintain the flow of the room. This type of cabinetry is great for creating a spa feel, a modern look, or even one that is more transitional.

  • When creating an at home spa atmosphere, look for a floating cabinet in natural color with open shelving to hold towels and lotions
  • Countertops in stone or a natural marble pair well with dark colored cabinetry and chrome fixtures
  • Keep traditional style floating bathroom cabinets homey using distressed wood and natural lighting

Before you commit to floating bathroom cabinets find a local professional that specializes in this type of cabinetry. While there are plenty of DIY videos out there, if there are small children or seniors in the home get the job done by a professional so extra support can be added if necessary.

  • To make a large room look larger use large mirrors above floating bathroom cabinets
  • Floating vanities can run the whole length of a wall or be tucked in a corner
  • Using floating cabinetry in a narrow space can work when hung on a shallow depth

Besides being cosmetically appealing, there is a practicality to have floating bathroom cabinets. Moisture buildup happens in most bathrooms. The first place that moisture accumulates is baseboards and the bottom of bathroom cupboards. Installing floating bathroom cabinets can help prevent that from happening.

  • To create a minimalist feel, keep the style simple and clean and the space free of clutter
  • Floating cabinets are often lighter, but sturdier, that your traditional floor standing vanity
  • Short or tall floating cabinets can be adjusted for just the right height
  • Using floating bathroom cabinets make better use of gradient heat

Floating bathroom cabinetry isn’t a passing fad it is a look that works very well in almost any space. The key is to have a trained professional come in and take a look at your space. They would be able to tell you what style, color, and design would look best in your bathroom.