Bathroom Trends

This Years Most Interesting Bathroom Trends

Bathroom Design can be fun but also easy to overlook. This space has certain criteria that needs to be in it.  For instance, if you’re trying to sell your home, or just want something different, you need to know something about current bathroom trends.

Industrial Coolness

  • Think about the pipe color and the room color. Brass/Copper with white and metal with black
  • You don’t want a warehouse feel. Add touches of warmth with a rounded vanity in a wooden stand
  • Think about your fixtures. You’ll want something with a metal finish that matches the exposed pipes for a feeling of continuity
  • BUILT-IN THERMOSTATS AND MIXERS Concealed installation, leaving on the surface only spouts and valves adjustments. Minimalism, space saving, aesthetics. Tactile flawless solution.
  • Glass shower enclosures can be works of art that create a unique focal point
  • Electric toilets, shower controls and seating are some new trends we are seeing all over the market.

If Walls Could Talk

Statement walls have been a thing in bedrooms and living rooms for years. From bold colors to textures and statement walls come in a variety of formats. Now, statement walls are the in thing for bathrooms too. While the whole point to a statement wall is to create an eye-catching pop of contrast, be mindful of your space. A larger wall can stand up to bolder colors while a smaller wall might do better with a lighter color but a unique pattern.

  • Choose a wall that is at least ¾ solid for maximum effect
  • Pick colors that offset each other without clashing
  • Play off a color in the floor tile to maintain flow
  • Using black harmonizes with all modern interiors and works well for minimalistic designs as well as neo-classical

At Home Spa Day

Keep your walls earthy in tone. Think desert sands and clay here. Good lighting over the vanity is important but, in the shower/bath area not so much. Keep with mood lighting to keep your spa feeling. Make sure the shower has nice deep in wall shelving for bathing salts and gels.

  • This is not the type of bathroom that needs bright colors. Think of nature when planning this space
  • Stone tile on the walls would work better than ceramic tile
  • Japanese style, paper-like blinds will help keep natural lighting at a natural glow
  • Use hidden features like built in thermostats and light switches to create a flawlessly tactile solution

Wave of the Future

There is a new trend in bathrooms that create a modernistic space by including fixtures that combine function with new-age innovation.

Install a heated toilet or an in-shower warming bench

Use frames and stands to create a feeling of lightness such as pedestals and floating cabinetry

Towle holders can not only be useful but be a piece of art to enhance your bathroom

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors have gone from being just functional to being the focal point. The bigger the better. This bathroom trend is meant to create a bigger feel to a smaller space. Like an accent wall, the goal is to create a focal point that contrasts with the rest of the room but not in a way that creates disharmony.

  • Look for rounded mirror for a bathroom that has clean-cut corners
  • Mirrors are fantastic with a light fixture right above
  • Find older mirrors that have ornate framing or distressed wood
  • Transform inner spaces and create extra storage and additional space for personal care

Think Greek

Using marble might not be a good idea for a smaller bathroom. This is a type of material that could overwhelm a small space and make it appear, and feel, even smaller. If you’re unsure of what color would look great in your bathroom, go to a local DIY store and see if they have any sample cards.

Bold is Beautiful

  • Try using different textures, with minimal seams, to make a room look larger
  • Be careful of finishes. Matte and gloss can go together but too much of either one can be jarring
  • Add some relief, or pops of color with some bright hand towels
  • Keep the texture simple
  • A heated towel rack and designer radiators can add an air of luxury to any bathroom