Bathroom Design

When you’re remodeling your home do not ignore your bathroom. You might not spend a lot time there but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be as pleasing as the rest of your home. There are several styles that can add value to any home. The best plan is to visit a showroom so you can touch and see the finishes and textures available. Bathroom remodeling is best left to the professionals who can guarantee their work and have warranty options.

White & Modern

This is perhaps the simplest of bathroom renovation designs. Going with an all-white bathroom is a cost-effective way to improve a bathroom space and works great for smaller - size baths.

  • Because it’s all one color, larger features such as the shower blend into the walls giving a spacious look
  • Go with chrome fixtures and organic touches to give you bathroom an open spa-like feel
  • For shelving use natural wood or have recessed shelves placed in the walls

Bold & Black

While you might thing black doesn’t work for a small bathroom, the type of finish will change your mind. And all black bathroom design goes well with open pipes and adds a touch of opulence.

  • If your bathroom is small go high gloss with small patterned tile for the floor
  • Use one type of finish, like chrome or brushed copper, for fixtures and the opposite color for wall accents
  • A black bathroom with be too dark if the toilet and sink is also black, think white for luxury or Gold or Red for boldness

A Beachy Spa

  • A wonderful bathroom renovation trend is getting back to nature. Spas have long taken inspiration for the outdoors to create a warm and gentle space.
  • Think of using stones to create a pebble floor and walls
  • There are a variety of bathroom fixtures for this type of bathroom and one that works well is a waterfall showerhead
  • Another wall option is smooth stone such as slate


Small Spaces

Everyone has had a small bathroom at some point, and it can be difficult to renovate a small space. There are several options that would work well with a small bathroom.

  • Trick the eye to thinking the space is larger. Use a pedestal sink and alcove shower to make the space seem bigger
  • Bring nature in with natural lighting and green foliage
  • Black and white checks work well here

Be smart about your bathroom renovation. Spend some time with a professional remodeler to find out what will work with the space you have. If you like more than one style a professional will be the perfect one to help you blend the styles you want to create a custom look.